10% incline,
50 km/h,
45 t on the move.

Wet road, wet wheels.
Dry hands?


Speeds of as much as 50 km/h and a mighty output of up to 300 bhp - but still just a single brake unit below the driver's cab is sufficient to bring this tractor to an elegant and precise halt. And despite its compact design, the expected life of this brake matches that of the tractor.

...Brakes from KNOTT!

Cooperation on fertile soil: KNOTT brakes for agricultural and forestry technology


Speed that pays dividends

Ever faster, bigger, more powerful and more manoeuvrable machines are capable of developing ever higher speeds. A logical consequence for a farming community which finds itself under increasing time and cost pressure. Only the future will show whether the achievement of 50 km/h speeds signals an upper limit. But one thing is certain: Braking technology for the mega-machines of today and tomorrow needs to be equally efficient, low-maintenance, convenient and economical. Highly effective, oil-cooled multi servo disk brakes from Knott guarantee a solid, reliable braking performance.


One for all

The KNOTT wet multi disk brake is designed on a modular basis. This design allows it to be modified in stages and so cover even model series with wide-ranging different weights and performance ratings. The disk diameter, brake lining materials and geometries as well as the numbers of disk packs are all variable. This means that the ideal brake with the best possible actuation and performance is created for every agricultural vehicle.



1 - Wet multi disk brake: With optional mechanical (illustrated) or hydraulic actuation


2 - Large-area mowing machine fitted with hydraulic servo brakes


3 - 32-ton forwarder with wet multi-servo disk brakes