In response to its customers' needs, KNOTT S.p.A. decided to start a new branch of activity: the assembly of products already on the market. Under the supervision of our German head office, whose market experience was already based on 50 years of successful activity, innovative technological and designing solutions were developed and implemented.


To this purpose, KNOTT S.p.A also started a new process of investments whose first result was the opening of a new productive site in Pianoro, Bologna.
It included a brand new, flexible department for the production of brakes which was subdivided into two sectors: the one equipped with numerical control machines and the other one specifically devoted to the assembly process. Both areas were equipped in order to assure the control and monitoring of the whole production process.


In 1998, in order to widen its range of products, KNOTT S.p.A successfully started the manufacturing of Bowden cables which contributed to increase its sales.

The increase in sales, mainly determined by the acquisition of important foreign customers, entailed the development of new, sophisticated technologies which, in their turn, led to a significant improvement in the production process as well as to renewed efforts in the fields of customers' satisfaction and product quality.


In 1999 KNOTT S.p.A. had its quality system examined by TÜV BAYERN. The quality system complied with required standards and the company obtained the ISO 9001 certification.
In the late 1990s the development of a new project led to the introduction of a third line of products: shock absorbers.

KNOTT S.p.A technical expertise as well as the continuous improvement of its processing technologies ensured the success of this new product so much so that it was necessary to increase production capacity.


Stretched over a surface of 3,800 square meters, the company site has now three departments: brake manufacture and assembly, Bowden cable production and shock absorbers production. A major role is also played by the tooling department, where the machines to be used for products manufacture are designed and built, and by the technical laboratory, where KNOTT products and their components are examined and tested.

Thanks to these characteristics, KNOTT products are certified and successfully marketed, both as finished products or as spare parts, with the complete satisfaction of our customers.


KNOTT S.p.A is meanwhile pursuing its 20 year policy based on research, innovation and investments. Its staff is made up of 70 people whose efforts are focused on designing new ideas and solutions for a dynamic market.