The "high art" of brake construction ...


Seen from the bird's eye view, many applications appear simple to solve using standard solutions. This all too often proves to be a delusion: and it is here that KNOTT excels as a partner specializing in non-standard solutions.

... Non-standard solutions from KNOTT !


Focus on movement

Even after a piece of equipment such as a straddle carrier has come to a standstill, its high centre of gravity gives rise to reverberations which expose the brakes to stress alternately in the travel and the inverse direction. The forces are amplified as if by pressing a lever. These forces must be tamed using design measures. In these and similar cases, more in-depth analysis during the pioneering phase always pays off - for our customers and consequently also for KNOTT.


When the vehicle forms the brake

We attach particular importance to the compact, modular design of our solutions. If space is tight, if maximum freedom is required around the axle, if several functions have to be integrated into the braking element, then KNOTT is ideally qualified to provide the right solution. For manufacturers of non-standard vehicles, there is one vital piece of advice to remember:
First have a look what KNOTT has to offer.




1 - Reconnaissance vehicle with internal fixed caliper disk brakes as service and spring applied - air released floating caliper disk brakes with automatic adjustment as parking and auxiliary brake.


2 - 60 t aircraft towing vehicle with 8 hydraulic fixed caliper disk brakes.


3 - Urban passenger bus with pneumatic S-cam brake in the rear axle. The brake can optionally be equipped with electrical wear display and ABS sensor.


4 - Implement carrier with hydraulically powered servo brake 267x64 as a service brake on all four wheels, separate disk brake as parking brake at the axle input.