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Fork lifts under pressure?


KNOTT brakes for vehicles provide an essential link between safety and economy. The name KNOTT is synonymous with "fork lift braking competence": No matter what the size, no matter what the application.

... Brakes from KNOTT


Versatility is the watchword

The subject of material handling encompasses wide-ranging and diverse disciplines. Starting from warehousing technology through classical fork lifts to container reach stackers weighing countless tons. Here too, KNOTT brings its outstanding versatility to bear. KNOTT systems are present, for example, in container stackers in the form of spring applied - hydraulic released sliding caliper brakes, in fork lifts with combustion engines as hydraulic servo brakes, in electric fork lifts as wet multi disk brakes, and even in tiller-guided pallet trucks in the form of integrated cam brakes. KNOTT stands for "fork lift and stacker competence" on every scale, for every field of application.


The future in safe hands

Already a standard feature of many commercial vehicles: So-called failsafe parking brakes with contact force generated by a spring package and pre-tensioned by hydraulic pressure. In case of failure or disconnection of the energy supply, this brake is actuated. The braking force is safeguarded by the mechanical energy stored in the spring package. It is only a question of time before this fixture adapted by KNOTT for fork lifts actually becomes a statutory requirement for the fork lift sector. We are prepared for this event by having a product already developed to series maturity!



1 - This fork lift with combustion engine is fitted with the 315x80 hydraulic servo brake, a model adapted specifically to the needs of the fork lift industry.


2 - Container reach stacker with spring applied - air released sliding caliper FSG 90 as a parking brake at the axle input.


3 - Experimental fork lift model with individual wet multi disk brake (ball ramp principle), integrated in drive axle, with external spring applied combination brake cylinder as a failsafe system.