From 0 to 80 kph in 25 seconds.

From 80 to 0 km/h in 5 seconds.


Fire-fighting vehicles hold an irresistible fascination: Designed for no-compromise speed and performance, they also place enormous demands on the braking system.


The Austrian airport fire engine shown on the left has an output of 2x 440 kW and a weight of 49 tons, and reaches top speeds of up to 140 km/h.

Almost unbelievable but KNOTT !


We apply the brakes where you need them

The variety of KNOTT solutions ranges from horse-drawn carriages through to heavy-duty haulage trucks, from tiller-guided pallet trucks through to amphibious vehicles. Above and beyond their specific application, many brakes are also precisely tailored to our customers and their needs. Take our horse-drawn carriage brakes for the Amish People in the USA, for instance, which we supply as requested in the form of an assembly kit. The brake linings are actually cured in the gas oven of the Amish blacksmith.


Keeping the heavy mob under control

The integration of disk brakes into swing axle chassis presented a very special challenge. There are several hundred of these pendulum axles in operations shouldering some of the world's heaviest transport loads. Using KNOTT disk brakes here permits brake pads to be changed in just a fraction of the time required for drum brakes. With the aid of intelligent ventilation and shielding precautions, the KNOTT engineers succeeded in mastering the complex thermal circumstances. The result: The most compact disk brakes of their class in the world!




1 - The smallest application: pallet lift truck with integrated cam brake 115x25


2 - The most flexible application: Amphibious vehicle


3 - The most weighty application: Heavy-duty transporter for total loads of over 10,000 tons.