Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Hydraulic drum brakes are available in servo and simplex version.


The drum diameter range is from 160mm up to 500mm

Hydraulic Servo Brakes


Hydraulic servo brakes utilize a sliding support between the bottom ends of the brake shoes, which transfers the tangential forces of the primary brake shoe on to the secondary shoe.


Thus resulting in significant higher brake forces at low actuation forces.


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Hydraulic Simplex Brakes


Hydraulic simplex brakes are characterized by a fixed supporter between the bottom ends of the brake shoes.


This enables a parking brake function without clearance. Another advantage of this kind of brake is its constant brake characteristic.


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Cam Shaft Brakes


The benefit of cam shaft brakes is the posibility to actuate them either mechanical or with a external hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.


This enables a combination of service and parking brake.


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Spread Lever Brakes


Spread lever brakes are mainly used in commercial vehicles.


The outstanding feature of these kind of brake is its short reaction time, making it a good match for ABS systems.


Suitable actuation systems are air and hydraulic cylinder, optionally spring applied.


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Expanding Lever Brakes


• Brakes for trailers application
• Numerous sizes and types
• Available with or without automatic return travel
• For either cable or linkage operation

• Available with automatic adjuster


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